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Notes From The Universe

Click on the image to go to the Notes From The Universe web site!

Since we’re all about Kindness today, wanted to share a Diva Fave link!

One of my most favorite things is getting Notes From The Universe every morning. Mike Dooley channels The Universe and sends out delightful emails from The Universe. Sometimes while I am lying in bed in the morning, prying myself to get up I think “Oh! I wonder what the Universe has to say today?” and that, along with the promise of tea, lifts me out of bed.

Here’s a Note on Kindness from The Universe:

There is no greater weapon than kindness. A smile, a compliment, encouragement, and compassion belong in the arsenal of every Time-Space Adventurer. En garde.

Click on this link to sign up for the Notes From the Universe – do sign up for them every day , Monday through Friday (The Universe takes the weekends off!) and get more goodness in your Inbox every day! Click HERE to go to the main site and see what else “The Universe” is offering.

Next time, when you get to the checker at the market and say “I like your hair-doo” or ” You have a great smile”  watch them light up. A compliment coming from kindness is so easy to give, doesn’t cost you anything and just might make someone else’s day. Kindness is the easiest thing to spread. Try it, you’ll like it!

I also use their iPhone app and can read notes on my iPhone when I need a lift! They probably have it for your iPad too.


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